The details make

the Schuhbutler®



Lots of Advantages in a compact shoe cabinet

What do you imagine your shoe cabinet looking like? Large or small, wide or narrow? The Schuhbutler® always offers plenty of space for your shoes. The trick: The doors, which can be opened completely, carry just as many shoes as the body itself. This keeps the shoe cabinet very flat regardless of its size.

Thanks to adjustable shelves, you can perfectly match the interior to your needs. In addition, many ingenious ideas and extras make the shoe butler fit for every need.

Low depth

The low depth of only 26 cm leaves room in any home and still offers an astonishing amount of space.

All sizes

Whether you want to store ski boots, high women’s boots, many children's shoes, or size 46 shoes and more, the Schuhbutler® works for it all.

Completely open

Whether you open the doors of your Schuhbutler® to 90 degrees or to 180 degrees, you will always have convenient access to all of your shoes. For safety, the shoe cabinet is always attached to the wall so that it cannot tip over when the doors are opened.

High-quality workmanship and manufacturing

The robust 19 mm thick material, a stable, screwed back wall, and the solid hardware guarantee that your Schuhbutler® will have a long life.

Manufactured with the best cabinet maker quality for you

Furnishings made by expert craftsmen

As master woodworkers, we understand our craft and apply all our skills and experience when we make your shoe cabinet.

Genuine craftsmanship

Your Schuhbutler® is created in a tradition of craftsmanship with great attention to detail. At the same time, the most modern production methods are used.

Made in Germany

The Schuhbutler® is exclusively produced at our company in southern Germany.

High-quality materials and hinges

We only use high-quality materials and solid hardware for the Schuhbutler®.

Durable surfaces

Our robust laminates guarantee a high resistance to the effects of light and are resistant to cleaning.

Delivery and installation

Our assembly teams deliver and completely assemble your Schuhbutler® on site (available in Germany and Austria only).

Delivery by carrier is possible throughout Europe (with the exception of UK)

the details matter

We have perfected our shoe cabinet system with great attention to detail. Today, many little things make a big difference compared to simple shoe cabinets.

Our goal is to very conveniently keep your shoes in order and to protect them in the best possible way so that you can enjoy the shoes and the Schuhbutler® for a long time.

padded shelves


All shelves are coated with easy-to-clean foam to protect the shoes and are almost infinitely adjustable. So every shoe finds its place.

Attachment straps

Elastic straps in the doors give the shoes a good hold. Even large shoes can be easily and securely attached with these straps.


The generous ventilation between the doors and the cabinet ensures a good cabinet climate, enables moisture to escape, and allows the leather to breathe.


The spacers prevent the shoes from falling over and jamming even when a pair is removed and worn.